Ninja Rescuers employed in Tsunami relief effort

As reported by Reuters….

(Reuters) – More U.S. warships arrived off Japan‘s coast on Sunday, ramping up relief efforts after a massive earthquake and tsunami killed an estimated 10,000 people or more and threatened to trigger a nuclear disaster.

This is only a partial truth. As with so many things.

In the aftermath, the only forces capable of being inserted into that devastated area to rescue valuable Japanese artifacts from the Akishima Shogunate, the only group in fact that could identify such artifacts, would be US Navy SEAL/S, Team N.

Most people do not know there is a Team N, so code named for obvious reasons.  Even some of the members in the team do not know they are members of the team.

Below you can see exclusive footage of SEAL/NINJA inserting into the ravaged area.


Don’t Believe everything they tell you.

Always question it.


Deep Breathing and the Crane spreads its wings,


Gabriel X

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