Aikido/Ninjitsu and the Nakano School

The Nakano School (陸軍中野学校 Rikugun Nakano Gakkō?) was the primary training center for military intelligence operations by theImperial Japanese Army during World War II.

This is the often proposed and often accepted description of the “Nakano School”. The fact however, is that what was being developed there and disseminated was vastly more complex, and lethal.

An array of well-known and now infamous Grand Masters instructed at the mysterious Nakano school during the war.  The two I will mention today are Morihei Ueshiba and Yamato Gorenkyu.

Now Aikido “founder” and war criminal Ueshiba is chronicled in the literature as having taught Aikido at the Nakano school.  Firstly, this is false.  He was teaching the much deadlier and vastly more complex system known as Aiki-jujitsu.  Aikido was not even a concept until after the second world war ended despite what desperate history deniers try to establish.

What is less well known, because it was in fact a state secret, known only to a handful of high-ranking military officials and the Emperor (and by accident his mistress who found a telegram foolishly left in the den) himself, was that Yamato Gorenkyu, a high-ranking member of the Yamato-shi-ro clan, was also instructing the top 10% of Nakano school graduates in the ways of the Ninja.

Historically, the ninja have been, after all, absolute masters of stealth, espionage and sabotage.  Essentially, they were the worlds first organized guerrilla warfare specialists.   This knowledge would have been invaluable at that time, during the war.  Japan was at war with the entire globe, so any advantage was sought after with a passion.

What is less well known further still, is that Ueshiba and Yamato often trained together in secret.  Yamato was fascinated by Ueshiba’s developed joint locks and his gift for traversing an opponents energy line and redirecting that back into the void.

Conversely, Ueshiba was astounded first by Yamato’s other worldly striking prowess and his mastery of pressure points and meridian lines on the human body.

Over time, the two came to share much more complex techniques, including but limited to the 9 sealing components of basic Ninjitsu magic.  Although Ueshiba only progressed to the 6th level of sealing, hence obtaining abilities such as control over small animals, low-level healing, extended life, energy striking and levitation, he never fully mastered the seals.

This is why in Aikido today, within its inner circle, none of these practitioners are able to summon the dead, or utilize pyro-kinesis, hydro-kinesis, invisibility or actual flight.

The components are clearly visible however in the technique or “Waza” being used in popular Aikido culture.

It is also rumored, although not verified either by correspondence or photographs, that Ueshiba and Yamato had a vastly deviant homosexual affair.  This was completely normal at that time in the war since most women were being used as laborers in mines and hence forth, were no longer attractive.  This changed wildly after the war and to this day, Japan has the most beautiful oriental women on the earth.

Despite their private affair/love affair, it is clear to anyone with real knowledge that the collaboration of these two was dramatically succesful.


Power can be found in a tea of desalinated garlic,

Gabriel X


P:S: Please, send your energy waves of strength and care to the people of northern Japan.  I just returned from Miyagi-ken delivering a shipment of ramon noodles, blankets and galoshes in my helicopter.  The situation is still dire. Please, meditate and send positive energy.

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