Ninja Assassin Kills Pakistani agents

American government officials now say that Raymond Davis, the American man arrested in Pakistan last month after shooting two men dead in Lahore, was part of a covert, C.I.A.-led team of operatives, according to The New York Times.

Working from a safe house in the eastern city of Lahore, the detained American contractor, Raymond A. Davis, a retired Special Forces soldier, carried out scouting and other reconnaissance missions for a Central Intelligence Agency task force of case officers and technical surveillance experts, the officials said.
But The Wall Street Journal, meanwhile, reports that American officials say Davis “was not directly involved in spying operations,” and only provided security to officials with the CIA and other agencies.

“Rumors to the contrary are simply wrong,” an official said of claims that Davis was directly involved in intelligence gathering operations.

The Times reports that it had agreed to temporarily withhold information about Davis after a request by the Obama administration, which said disclosure of his specific job would put his life at risk. That request was lifted Monday, after foreign news organizations reported about Davis’ work with the CIA. According to the Times, Davis has worked for years as a C.I.A. contractor, including time at Blackwater Worldwide, known now as Xe.

An anonymous senior Pakistani official, who the Times said has ties to Pakistan’s security service, said Pakistani spies were angry about the Davis incident because it was so public.

It always amuses me just how uninformed the press is, but I shouldn’t be surprised. It is common knowledge that the mainstream press is controlled by Jews, NWO maniacs, and illuminati. However, it is clear as day and I know from inside sources, that Davis (if that is his real name, I doubt it) was in fact performing a hit in Pakistan when he took out those two agents.

“But Gabriel X, who would the CIA want to kill agents of ab allies intelligence group?”

Well, other than the fact that the ISI supports radical Islamic based terrorist groups and most certainly has aided Osama bin Laden, in reality these are all side dishes. These are the french fries next to the Cheese burger and we all know you eat the fries first.

The fact is that Davis was sent out on that day in Lahore with orders to get rid not two simple intelligence weenies, but to masters of the dark arts. Thats right; Sorcerers.

Within the highest echelons of the intelligence community there are special groups and these groups have inner sanctum associations. They were tasked years ago, during the WW2 era, to devote resources to the development of “alternative programs” one of which was in fact, sorcery.

Sorcery is only scary if it is utilized by someone evil or women. The two Pakistani Sorcerers killed were in fact, employing dark arts and Davis had to eliminate them.

The loss of life is tragic however….necessary? I am not here to make those distinctions. I am here only to inform and to serve as a collective point for all practitioners of the martial arts and warrior ways to congregate.

Until next time….continue your training….

Gabriel X

P:S: The CIA has had agents, private contractors, kidnapping and data jacking people in Pakistan since 2003. This shit is old news.

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