Executing a very well done "bird song levitation throw".

For far too long I have been silenced.

I gave my word, I took the vows necessary to be admitted into that so secret society of energy manipulators and silent warriors so many years ago and the life of silence has taken it’s toll on me.

My heart is heavy.

Finally though, a ray of hope has appeared.  My Shidoshi, Kondo Yukoyaki, has passed on to the next level of enlightment and in his death I have been granted some limited measure of freedom that has thus far, eluded me.

I do not want to make this writing a “big deal” I just have such an urge to tell the facts and to dispel so much of this nonsense that the world has been fooled into believing is fact.

The FACTs are as follows: Ninja exist. They have existed for thousands of years and they exist now.  The Ninja and their clans are intricately connected with all serious governments worldwide and they have a direct affect on the health of the international economy.

Also, just as important as the above stated reality, I will take it upon MYSELF despite grave threat of violent reprisal to try and explain, in lay mens terms how the Ninja and their off shoots i.e. Aikido, Fun Shyu, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Vodoo, Mentalism, Parkour and several other systems of energy control and manipulation have been misunderstood and their seemingly impossible products mislabeled as “Magic”.

Please bare with me. I am not a writer but a life long warrior, Ninja and practitioner of the developmental energy arts.

Peace be with you. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.

Gabriel X



2 Responses to About

  1. Randy Allen says:

    Ninja do exist. I know because I am one and I train with a clan in my town. If you ever come to Alabama contact me.

    • Arigatogozaimasu my shinobi brother. But take care when giving out your location details to someone. I could easily be a member of the CIA or a Scientologist that is organizing a wet works team to take you out. You have to be SMARTER Than them. Counter intelligence, keep it in mind.

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