Technique Dissection: Shomen Uchi-Irimi Nage

Aikido, Aiki-jujitsu, Ninjitsu, Jujitsu and Parkour all have quite a lot in common.

Today, I am going to explain and Dissect the technique found in all of these arts but particularly prevalent in Aikido.  The name of the technique is Shomen Uchi-irimi nage.

This technique is a direct dessident of a similiar technique found in aikijujitsu, however in Aikido in an attempt to protect the dummy or uke, the straight forward movement has been replaced by a lot of spinning and turning and what not. See the video below.

Some people would say “If an Zionist super Soldier is baring down on me intent on killing my face, the last thing I want to do is hug him.  I would just kick him in the teeth. Nice clean foot jab.”

Sure, it’s a natural reaction, but it might cost you and your sweet young wife your lives.

In this throw, what one is doing is accepting the assaulting units force, redirecting it, charging it and then redistributing that kinetic energy in a downward motion reminiscent of a falling brick or a suicide jumper.  Ukes have died when certain powerful ki-bushi have utilized this move without first properly tempering their energy blast.

Steven Seagal, the world expert on this movement, once shattered a stunt mans neck bone because due to a screw up at lunch he didn’t get the chilly he ordered.  His aggression and anger allowed the dark side to take over and for a short time he was no longer a practitioner of the heavenly order but rather a weapon for pain and evil.

Poor stunt guy never had a chance.

The key to this technique is two fold.

  1. Accept the assulating units energy and refocus it into a Ki-ball.
  2. Slam the A.U. into the floor with all the power you can muster while firing your Ki-ball into his/her/it’s heart.

If performed properly, their face will shatter, heart will explode and you will walk away from another attempt on your life with poise and grace.

Wind Song of Silence; Natures Bounty,

Gabriel X

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