Iran Suicide Bombers mentally manipulated

TEHRAN — A solemn Shiite religious mourning ceremony near a mosque in southeastern Iran was shattered by a double suicide bombing on Wednesday, leaving at least 39 people dead and many more wounded.

Suicide bombers are essentially, weak-minded patsies. They are young men or women that are manipulated into performing some kind of deed that conveniently leaves them dead and in many pieces which makes the extraction of information quite difficult. Break out the water boards, it won’t help.

Iranian officials said they had evidence that American agents were responsible, which the United States denied.

“The advanced equipment and facilities of the perpetrators show that this attack was supported by the regional intelligence services of the United States,”

This is totally correct.
This is a common American tactic, one of it’s many very blunt instruments to cause unrest and trouble in sovereign countries it intends to destroy. Standard operating procedure so talking about it is quite mundane and boring.

The interesting point here is the mental control of the suicide bombers.

The Iranian government although essentially not in possession of these skills for reasons that will require another post, recognizes the tell-tale signs.

Mind Control

There are three types of mind control.

  1. Cybernetic implantation. 
  2. Chemical coercion in conjunction with hypnotism
  3. Telepathy and mental energy thought control

Now, the CIA and its cronies tend to use option 1, Cybernetic Implants.  This is wonderfully convenient when it comes to suicide bombers because upon detonation of the bombs, the poor saps brains become something resembling a human brain-calzone nuked on high in my uncles super powered microwave. Kablam.  Grey matter and brains all over and the cybernetic implant will self destruct anyway if the bombs are not detonated so hey, no harm no foul. 

This is likely what the Iranian government is referring to.

The next option, the dope and hypnosis is kind of old school, very “Manchurian Candidate” but still is employed, especially by the FSB, some groups in South east asia and certain technically proficient date rapists involved in the Pick Up scene, mostly around L.A.  It works but its time-consuming and things can go wrong. Often, these jokers are getting high on their own supply and sometimes even doping each other and convincing them they are the reincarnation of someones dead dog Tibbles.  It`s all rather silly.  They also get into a lot of gay stuff, not unlike general Fraternity parties but that is off topic.

Option three is reserved for those groups that can get in contact with and arrange for a true Mentalist to do the dirty work. 

Now, although Ninja DO HAVE a certain amount of Telepathic Ability (You don`t need to see our Identification, These aren’t the droids you’re looking for; like this) it is something quite different to make someone go blow themselves up, killing a bunch of innocent people.  In this situation, a full-time deep seeded Mentalist/Telepath is needed. 

These are people who could have followed the Ninja path but for various reasons, usually a lack of Intestinal fortitude or a fear of wielding a sword on the battlefield and being disembowled, they go towards mind control.  They have the gift. They have an open portal for the great energy to come through, they just focus it for one thing.  Generally they can’t become invisible, they can’t fly, they have no pyro-kinetic or hydro-kinetic power and they cannot cause your brain to implode. Basically they can’t do all the useful things ninja are able to do. 

Now, these people by and large cannot control other people that have the Energy gift, realized or not, however they can easily manipulate some flunky in a religious club to do something ridiculous.  Is it possible the CIA used one of the telepaths they have imprisoned and forced him/her to wield their power in this way? Sure. Is it likely? Nope. 

The last time they tried that, the mentalist in question used his power to make a congress man, Mark Foley go flame on gay and send perverted emails to some teenage boys basically forcing Foley to out himself as a homo petter ass for all to see.  The Black bag boys at the CIA sort of got the message after that.  Think about it, if you’re the director of an experimental operations team, you don’t want to piss off the pet telepath so that your 15-year-old daughter comes home and finds you fellating a half-dozen members of the local highschool football team with a ceramic Glock 9 millimeter in your rectum and a pair of her soiled panties on your head….now do you? Exactly.

Bottom line – likely a CIA implant.   This was, in my expert opinion, non-Ninja or Ki-Bushi related.

Focus your mind, and the Universe will open up for you

Gabriel X 

P:S: Ninja Cable from JP coming in 48 hours.

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Wikileaks Shinobi cable Rumor

Not a shadow warrior; but needs us.

Unless you have been living in a hole in the ground, and if you are that is not a bad thing because of the satellites however, then you have surely heard about all the trouble surrounding wikileaks and its chief editor Julian Paul Assange.

Although Assange and I have never met face to face for obvious security reasons, we have been on each others radars for some time, since early 2003 or there abouts.

Assange is a very intelligent and well-informed man, if not a bit naive, and is vaguely aware of the Ninja presence within the concentrations of power globally.  In fact, there was a rumor a few years ago that the Aussie government had sent a N.A.2 (2 member Ninja Assassin team) detachment to get rid of Assange due to all the trouble he was making back there.  I have never bought into this for the simple reason that when a N.A. comes to get you, it isn’t like having an automated drone bombing your area or a grizzly attacking you at a picnic, it is THE REAL THING. When the N.A. show up: you die.  But if these two were Aussies, well the chance of them screwing up seems a bit more reasonable but still unlikely.

So the rumors are likely false.

Moving along- I was in contact most recently with J.P. Assange just before his ludicrous arrest and we discussed the leaked Cables.  Apparently there are several cables that make comments referencing N.A. teams and also, a bit surprisingly, a ” video depicting two members of what seem to be midnight steel conversing with and then slaughtering a group of diplomats from Saudi Arabia.”

Generally, one does not get ninja on film doing what we do.  It simply does not happen….unless they want it to happen.

So, apparently the situation is as follows:

The written cable is on its way to me as soon as my encryption and proxy systems are fully operational, and I will post it on this blog for all to see.

The video, as far as I know, is contained within the heavily 258 bit encrypted “insurance” file J.P. has sent to over 100,000 people.  When the lid blows off that one and everyone is watching two members of one of the most vicious and professional Ninja clan in the history of this level dispose of 15 diplodinks in a matter of seconds with nothing but flashing steel and energy implosions, well, that’ll be a boat rocker wont it?

I should have the said cable within 96 hours.

Stay safe, stay aware and never stop your training-

Gabriel X

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The Aikido Conspiracy

Aikido has built a reputation around lying to people and making them think this “art” is all about peace, love and butterflys.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Aikido has a direct connection to ninjitsu and other warrior arts and to this very day, the inner sanctum of the Aikido world are practicing traditional energy death techniques such as “the Death touch” and “Mental implosion energy correlation” or the “MIEC”.

The following is the “What is Aikido” explanation found on the Aikikai foundation website. Aikikai is considered by most to be the premier Aikido group in the world.  I beg to differ….

A pure budo comes with the unification of technique, body and heart. The budo, which will manifest itself, does not depend upon the technique, but rather upon the heart of the practitioner.
The aim of Aikido is a kindness of heart expressed through this spirit of budo.
Here are some thoughts on the spirit of Aikido.

Completely false. The essence of true budo, is the essence of bujutsu, the absolute commitment to the warriors ethos.

Aiki is love.

No. Aiki is Energy communing with Universe.

The goal of Aikido training is not perfection of a step or skill, but rather improving one’s character according to the rules of nature.

A strong character will not save you when a rival Ninja clan or a government assassin come to snatch the life from you.  No, the goal of Aikido, like Ninjitsu or Telekinesis is the ability to completely shatter your enemies and then escape unharmed and ready for further action.

Aikido movement maintains this firm and stable center with an emphasis on spherical rotation characterized by flowing, circular, dance-like motions. These pivoting, entering and circling motions are used to control and overcome the opponent. The principle of spherical rotation makes it possible to defend one self from an opponent of superior size, strength, and experience.

Again, misguided and false.

A circular rotation and pivotal movements are used not for “dancing”  because why in the name of the great Shidoshi would you want to dance with a cold-blooded Israel hit man as he tries to end your life?  No, circular motions are employed because these movements mimic the orbits and paths of the stars and planets thus allowing the in tuned warrior to summon more easily the abundant energy floating all around us in the cosmos.  Once this energy is summoned, collected and molded, then the Zionist hit man could be eliminated with nothing more than a thought and a nod of the head.

At the heart of Aikido is the Eastern concept of Ki –the universal creative principle. Aikido seeks to unite this universal Ki with the Ki (life force or breath) found within each person. Literally, Aikido translates as “the way of harmony with Ki”

The true energy warrior, or “Ki-Bushi” know that it is less harmony and more mastery that will elevate one to the 7th plane and allow the viewing of the great temple of Quimises.  Without Mastery….there is only oblivion.

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