Attempt on my life, again.

Forgive my absence my Shinobi brothers and sisters.

They have tried to take my life yet again.

I know that starting this blog of truth and secrets was a risk, I was willing to take it.

But they found me again.
Damn them.

I have another announcement….the cable from J.P. Assange has been intercepted, likely by the same agency so now I am on the run, again.
Luckily, these people are amateurs. I have Ninja Sorcery; the final outcome is in no way in dsipute.

However, recognizing that at anytime these people could get desperate to silence me and take more drastic measures such as utilizing tactical nuclear weapons, obvisouly covering this up by claiming a wild hurricane has decimated the area, theoretically they could finish me.

So, from today on I am committed to sharing my superior Aikido and Ninjitsu knowledge with all of you, including Europeans. Also, I will be sharing the truths regarding the vast network of conspiracies that criss-cross our globe.

I will post everyday.

Ninja- Keep the faith and train.

Best of the best (meaning us, not just me)-

Gabriel X

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