Wikileaks Shinobi cable Rumor

Not a shadow warrior; but needs us.

Unless you have been living in a hole in the ground, and if you are that is not a bad thing because of the satellites however, then you have surely heard about all the trouble surrounding wikileaks and its chief editor Julian Paul Assange.

Although Assange and I have never met face to face for obvious security reasons, we have been on each others radars for some time, since early 2003 or there abouts.

Assange is a very intelligent and well-informed man, if not a bit naive, and is vaguely aware of the Ninja presence within the concentrations of power globally.  In fact, there was a rumor a few years ago that the Aussie government had sent a N.A.2 (2 member Ninja Assassin team) detachment to get rid of Assange due to all the trouble he was making back there.  I have never bought into this for the simple reason that when a N.A. comes to get you, it isn’t like having an automated drone bombing your area or a grizzly attacking you at a picnic, it is THE REAL THING. When the N.A. show up: you die.  But if these two were Aussies, well the chance of them screwing up seems a bit more reasonable but still unlikely.

So the rumors are likely false.

Moving along- I was in contact most recently with J.P. Assange just before his ludicrous arrest and we discussed the leaked Cables.  Apparently there are several cables that make comments referencing N.A. teams and also, a bit surprisingly, a ” video depicting two members of what seem to be midnight steel conversing with and then slaughtering a group of diplomats from Saudi Arabia.”

Generally, one does not get ninja on film doing what we do.  It simply does not happen….unless they want it to happen.

So, apparently the situation is as follows:

The written cable is on its way to me as soon as my encryption and proxy systems are fully operational, and I will post it on this blog for all to see.

The video, as far as I know, is contained within the heavily 258 bit encrypted “insurance” file J.P. has sent to over 100,000 people.  When the lid blows off that one and everyone is watching two members of one of the most vicious and professional Ninja clan in the history of this level dispose of 15 diplodinks in a matter of seconds with nothing but flashing steel and energy implosions, well, that’ll be a boat rocker wont it?

I should have the said cable within 96 hours.

Stay safe, stay aware and never stop your training-

Gabriel X

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